Running Socks 101

The overriding philosophy at SockGeek is "Don't ruin a great running shoe with a bad sock."  With this in mind, the following information is presented to assist you during the selection process when purchasing a high quality performance running sock.

First, why do you need a great running sock?  A high quality run sock will manage moisture, protect the foot from shoe abrasion, and provide some impact protection. To create a comfortable environment for your feet while running you need to think both footwear and socks for optimum performance.

RULE #1 - Keep the cotton socks out of the running shoes!  Why?  Cotton retains moisture and when you have moisture, heat, and friction in a running shoe you are more likely to get blisters, calluses, and hot spots.  Also, cotton gets more abrasive when wet, again not good in a running shoe.

The socks featured by SockGeek are made primarily from synthetic fibers.  Blends of synthetic fibers like nylon, polyester, Lycra Spandex, Olefin, or CoolMax are best for managing moisture build-up and are compatible with the materials inside your shoes.  Synthetics are "hydrophobic" meaning they don't like water so they pull the moisture away from the foot in a way that maximizes evaporation.

Some socks on SockGeek contain natural fibers like wool, bamboo, and coconut. When you see these fibers don't be afraid, wool for example has long been used in running socks because of its natural moisture management qualities, thermo regulation capabilities, as well as natural anti-microbial characteristics.  Advanced manufacturing processes are now undertaken to eliminate any potential itching that can sometimes be attributed to wool.  Besides delivering a great fitting comfortable sock, one of the best things about the use of natural fibers is they are a renewable resource unlike the petroleum based synthetics.

Beside offering fabrics that are more favorable to your feet while running, premium running socks have other benefits that enhance your experience.  A feature like hand-linked or seamless toe enclosures eliminates the chance of rubbing and irritation to the top of the toes.  Power bands, arch supports, and articulated arches improve the fit of the sock by reducing unnecessary bulk and keep the sock from twisting in the shoe.  Also, "Y" and "W" stitched heel gores seat the heel deep in the sock to maximize fit as well as keeping the sock from slipping down your heel and into your shoe.

Today's offering of running socks are the best they have ever been.  A great deal of research has gone into the design, fabric development, testing, and manufacturing of the socks featured on SockGeek.  We suggest you try a variety of styles and fabrics to find the one that works best for you.