Left and Right Fit Running Socks

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    Also called asymmetrical fit socks, these running socks are designed to fit your left and right foot exclusively.  The benefit of this left/right fit is an overall better fit as the cut, padding, and stitching has been completed in a way that complements the unique shape of each foot.

    1 product

    Why Asymmetrical Fit Socks?

    The result is a more comfortable and customized feel when you are logging the miles. Whether you are seeking a little extra support or just looking to add a bit of fun to your running gear, left/right asymmetrical socks are a great option for any runner.

    Some of the brand names you'll find in our left and right fit running sock selection include:

    - Balega
    - Feetures
    - Injinji
    - Stance

    These brands are known for their best-in-class running socks and fit and are regarded as the best socks for running. So, if you're looking for an asymmetrical sock that will help take your running game to the next level, look no further than our collection.

    What should I look for in asymmetrical fit socks?
    There are a handful of things to look out for that runners will want to consider when they are buying their left and right fit running socks. When shopping for the right socks, ultra light no show ankle socks with a secure fit, more compression, and moisture wicking technology to keep their feet dry and regulate temperature on long runs or hot day. Breathable, cushioning, snug, and with more compression—asymmetrical socks fit the bill. Merino wool helps to wick moisture while still remaining breathable on longer runs.

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