Balega Running Socks Designed, tested, and manufactured in South Africa, Balega running socks are ultra soft, durable, and well designed. Balega means "To Move with Speed" and the socks they offer provide outstanding results regardless of the speed you move at. All of Balega socks offer a seamless toe, deep heel pocket, and terrific moisture management technology. The Hidden Comfort style with the triple ply bottom and single layer top is the most popular Balega sock. Find a cut and color you like and try a pair today!

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Balega Performance Compression
Balega Hidden Comfort
Balega Merino Hidden Comfort
Balega Hidden Cool
Balega Hidden Dry 2
Balega Enduro Lo Cut 2
Balega Ultra 2
Balega Pro Pacer 3
Balega Women's Enduro No Show
Balega Women's Enduro 2 Low Cut
Balega Physical Training Enduro
Balega Enduro 2 Quarter
Balega V-Tech Enduro Quarter
Balega Enduro Crew 2
Balega Blister Resist - No Show
Balega Blister Resist - Quarter
Balega Blister Resist - Crew
Balega Hidden Contour
Balega Ultra Light - No Show
Balega Moh-Rino V-Tech Enduro
Balega Moh-Rino V-Tech Enduro - Crew
Balega Soft Tread - No Show
Balega Soft Tread - Low Cut (Clearance)
Balega Soft Tread - Quarter (Clearance)